Dial Out Your Voice Messages!


Get an Overview of All Calls Data

Monitor your team with a dynamic dashboard that presents the total of calls statistics with details of answered, unanswered, current calls, etc. It helps get all performance information and optimize customer interactions in the call center.


Get a Deeper Insight Into Your Operations

Track productivity and performance with an easy-to-use interface to measure the effectiveness of campaigns with detailed reports of all calls to enhance your process and raise customer satisfaction.


Boost Sales and Awareness

Send effective campaigns by voice broadcasting technology with a pre-recording message(IVR) to your contact list to promote, make an awareness, collect feedback, or make an emergency alert,etc.


Know More about Market and Customer Opinions

Learn more about your audience and do market research by calling the people on your phone list automatically to provide them an auto survey. People can answer the questions by pressing the appropriate number on their phone keypad or transfer the call to a live agent.

Predictive Call

Reduce the Time Between Calls

Save agents time and improve their efficiency ! Auto dialer system will place calls automatically from a list of phone numbers until it detects a connection with a customer, then it passes the call to an available agent in a predictive and organized way.

Appointment Confirmations
Claim Status Updates
Payment Reminders
Order Confirmations
After Call Feedback
Order Follow-up
Service Renewal Notices
Marketing Campaign
Spread Awareness

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Voice Broadcast.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Call Recording
Answering Machine
Call Routing
API Access
Provide Saudi Landline 011
Provide unified number 9200
Outgoing Channels
Multiple Retries Calls
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