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 All Channels in One Ticketing System
 Get a ticket and give a fast reply! Our OmniX system enables you to cover all customer service needs from multiple channels in one place.
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Connect All Channels

Make it fast and organized by reaching your customer through Whatsapp business , Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Email, text message and calls - in a unified dashboard.


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➊ Receive and send messages, multimedia, files, locations
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What is the OmniX system?

The first Saudi technical system to manage and process customer services through several channels on one interface, including social media, website, email and calls through the cloud central technology. The system creates tickets automatically when it receives a message or a call from clients to provide the required support. The platform contains many features to help succeed your business strategies, such as analytical reports and the ability to monitor the performance for a smooth and effective customer service experience.

Why Must You Have an OmniX System?
 Automate and Organize Work
When the customers send messages the system will create new tickets and archive them after the service is done automatically. Also, you can customize tickets by tags or fields to make work more organized.
 One customer Many channels
OmniX system increases choices for the customer. Also, it helps you detect customer trends to do effective campaigns.
 Integrated system
You are able to save your customer data from all channels in the OmniX and import them to another cloud system like CRMs to improve the relationship with your customer and increase sales.
 Nothing gets lost
The system keeps all customer data to avoid repetitive discussions with customers.If the customers switch between channels, you will still have one chat conversation and no information is lost!
 Collaboration and Flexibility
Agents will collaborate faster through OmniX. They can manage the ticket workflow and transfer the tickets to who is responsible or able to serve the customer.
Reports make supervisors able to monitor the workflow and the agents' performance.


Channels and more on a single platform.
Channels, Chat, Calls and more, on a single platform

find a service that fit your business needs

OmniX Team

We are working to unify the channels for you to serve customers faster and better. This package is for small business groups.

799 SR Monthly

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OmniX Startup

Many start-up projects need the efforts of the marketing and sales team to seize opportunities and serious concern to serve the customer. Here we help you achieve your goals.

1099 SR Monthly

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OmniX Enterprise

This package is designed for large projects that need an omnichannel to receive customer requests and help without end in customer loss or delay in service. It will help you increase customer satisfaction and establish the right process for moving customers between employees.

1799 SR Monthly

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OmniX Corporate

We know the volume of customers flowing and rapidly from all your channels, so you can design your package within your company's needs. We can also assist you with add-ons that make it easy for you to service your customers in a unique way.

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Whatsapp The New Channel in Omnix

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