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What is Exacall ?

Based and created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,ExaCall presents the most innovative solutions for telephone calls with a flexible and integrated system to serve companies and call center and enhance their business communication.

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business communicate

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Our Services

Cloud Telephony System

Cloud telephony system for a more organized, controlled, and flexible systematic manner of communication in your business

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Omnichannel system to cover all customer service needs from multiple channels in one place

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Auto Dialer

Automated call system to develop and facilitate the way agents communicate with customers and improve customer service

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Integrated and open-source system to improve customer relationship management experience and accelerate sales cycle process

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Our Features

Low operational cost with high Security from hacks and attacks

Managed from a distance with accessibility across devices

Increase customer satisfaction to maximize sales

Improve Workflow and Increase company efficiency to Improve company’s image

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The most flexible system to manage your calls and monitor your business



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