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Cloud Telephone System

Break the barriers and switch to a cloud telephone system

What is a cloud telephony system?

Cloud telephony is the technology that moves your PBX traditional phone system to the internet. It is an effective way to manage business calls with high quality and less cost. Cloud phone systems enable businesses to have scalable and reliable access to unified business communication without any burden of setting up infrastructure.

Why are many businesses moving to the Cloud call services?
  • Reduced costs & Ease of Accessibility
    No spending on infrastructure or maintenance, you can call anytime, anywhere or redirect calls to another employee. All you need is an internet connection, such as Mobile App, IP-Phone, or computer.
  • Exhaustive Reports
    Report features help you track agent productivity to understand performance and optimize your operations.
  • More efficient routing of calls - IVR
    For more efficient and effective calls, IVR routes incoming calls to the agent who is most qualified to meet the caller’s needs.
  • Custom Integrations
    You can seamlessly Integrate and customize all cloud systems in your business to help increase efficiency.
  • Scale with Ease
    You can keep adding users, line extensions and concurrent calls, or change user settings as well as control and browse your company’s call activity anywhere.
  • Collaboration for better service
    In case of issues while solving a customer’s query, agents can initiate a conference call and include their supervisors or transfer the call to another employee or department.

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Business & Companies

A contact management system for all business branches to optimize the communication between employees through internal direct extensions ,and to connect and receive calls from anywhere to create a dynamic work environment.

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Contact Center

An innovative solution to manage calls and monitor your employees, to get the best customer service experience and increase the productivity of your call center

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An interactive recorded voice message that allows the caller to choose from the keyboard to automatically direct him to the right employee without waiting

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IP Phone

Placing telephone calls on the Internet, instead of the traditional telephone network

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