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An innovative solution to manage calls and monitor your employees, to get the best customer service experience and increase the productivity of your call center

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 Contact center
Call centers different shapes and sizes, they need a strong system that helps achieve the desired goals of the call centers So at ExaCall we offer you a powerful system to use to maximize your productivity Give your business all the tools it needs to effectively start and manage incoming call campaigns with detailed statistics, reports and monitoring.
 Between the supervisor and the employee
Here at ExaCall we connect all of your contact center connections in one interface This allows the supervisor to monitor real time employees and queues, track employee performance, and comprehensive statistical reports. As for employees, it provides the appropriate tools to increase productivity as it reduces unnecessary interruptions and makes their communication with customers more effective.
 Unlimited queues
The automatic call distribution system helps keep customers online by directing incoming calls to the dealer with the most appropriate skill set that can properly meet the caller's needs. The call is routed according to priority. The first incoming call is first, outgoing queuing, call monitoring, call search, and more tools that organize work.
 Real time factor monitoring
Ensure that the staff at your call center is efficient, successful, and consistently providing outstanding customer service.To help them achieve the goals required of them the system enables you to listen to an active call and quickly identify problems and while listening you can talk to the agent without the caller's knowledge, or talk to the agent and the caller
 Performance measurement
The system provides you with information about all employees Where data is presented in a more easy to read way to help measure the performance of the call center
You can easily set up call recording for all plugins and access them via web browser. You can improve security, customer satisfaction and raise the quality of service by running and analyzing call logs. To ensure that callers have agreed, you can set default or custom ads to run before recording begins.
Easily access daily or monthly call statistics. Filter statistics by date, caller number and number. Get an insight into extensions statistics, such as who and when made a call, total and average call time, number of answered calls, missed calls and more. Use charts to display your call statistics data in a purposeful and easy to understand manner.
 Queue Statistics and Reports
Real-time queue statistics gives you an in-depth insight into agent activity and queue traffic where you have the access to agent’s inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, occupancy, availability, queue inbound answered and unanswered calls, as well as total calls… You can display the reports visually by using a graph or export it as a PDF or CSV file.
 Improve the quality of service
You can track call activities in real time and create related reports that improve your business productivity. You can create different types of reports, such as daily, monthly, and extension reports. Each report can also be filtered by Date time, Caller, Trunk, Duration and more.
 IVR Statistics
IVR statistics report gives you a detailed overview of how your customers are navigating an IVR menu. Currently, you can access three types of report: IVR Calls per Option, IVR Calls, and IVR Calls per Called Number. Each report can be filtered by Date Range, IVR, Called Number, Caller ID, and Destination.
 Use your existing IP Phones
our system is compatible with most IP Phones on the market. Use the same extension on multiple devices
 Headset Support
our system works with over 100 headsets from the industry leading brands allowing you to answer, hold, mute, or hang up a call using the headset buttons. Setting up and using your headsets is easy
 Make calls directly through your CRM
Incorporate all the features and capabilities of the cloud telephony system inside your CRM or Browser. integrates with the most popular business apps, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Zoho, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Vtiger, Pipedrive and many more.
 Archive your data in the cloud
You are able to store voicemail, fax, and call data records automatically and keep them safe in a remote location

PRO Package

999 SR


  • Supervisor Extension1
  • Agent Extension 4
  • Concurrent Calls5
  • Provide 9200
  • Provide 011

Plus Package

1555 SR


  • Supervisor Extension2
  • Agent Extension 6
  • Concurrent Calls8
  • Provide 9200
  • Provide 011

Premium Package

1777 SR


  • Supervisor Extension2
  • Agent Extension 8
  • Concurrent Calls10
  • Provide 9200
  • Provide 011

Start Package

655 SR


  • Supervisor Extension1
  • Agent Extension 2
  • Concurrent Calls3
  • Provide 9200
  • Provide 011

Customize Package

  • Supervisor Extension More Than2
  • Agent Extension More Than8
  • Concurrent Calls More Than10
  • Provide 9200
  • Provide 011